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  • Auditing services

    The purpose of the audit is to confirm with a reasonable security that the information, subject to audit, is free of material misstatement and inconsistencies, which we express in the form of a positive security

  • Tax and Legal

    The purpose of the tax and legal advices is to assist the business in minimizing costs, maximizing returns, extending the company and maintaining good working environment.

  • Business consulting

    The purpose of these consultations is to offer solutions and constructive advices, as well as a wide range of services: from the initial due diligence to services related to making a deal and integration after the deal is made. The aim is, by providing assistance in the overall selling process, to achieve the best results of the transaction.

  • Other business services


    To meet the needs of our customers to increase efficiency in their companies, we also provide the following services: Accounting Services, Human Resources, Evaluation of the human resource management, Strategies for remuneration, Other services in the field of HRM, Trainings