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Our experience

“Audit Advisers” is organization for audit, accounting and consulting services, whish provides wide variety of professional accounting, audit, consulting, financial and tax services for companies, financial institutions and government organizations. Our company’s power is quality, which is provided through our own systematically, based on original methodology for audit services.


We, the auditors at “Audit Advicers” Ltd., have a solid experience in serving local and international clients, operating in the following sectors:


- Financial institutions

- Insurance Companies

- Pension insurance companies and their funds

- Health insurance companies

- Industrial Enterprises

- Holding Companies

- Investment Funds

- Leasing Companies

- Non – profit Organizations

- Real Estate Agencies

- Advertising Agencies

- Construction

- Publishing Activities

- Shipping Companies

- Distribution of oil products and steel

- Engineering Companies

- Informational Technologies

- Hotels, Health centers, Tourist Agencies

- Foreign Investors

- Public and government organizations