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Business consulting

The purpose of these consultations is to offer solutions and constructive advices, as well as a wide range of services: from the initial due diligence to services related to making a deal and integration after the deal is made. The aim is, by providing assistance in the overall selling process, to achieve the best results of the transaction.

  • Financial and tax due diligence

    Intended for prospective investors in connection with the acquisition of a company or a new business: We prepare a report, which presents the real financial and tax status of the acquired / sold company (business), identify potential risks and liabilities, as well as problem areas related to its business, and offer the most optimal and practically realizable scheme in legal, financial and tax aspect for acquisition or sale, respectively.


  • Independent expert assessments

    Restructuring and reorganization, Developing of strategies for entering into markets, Assessment of the technical, operational, market and financial risk


  • Services on deal making

    The purpose of these services is to assist you in the process of carrying out transactions. These are as follows: Assistance in structuring the deal, Support in negotiations, Analysis and consultations on the content of the sales contract